The Ninth Planet

The Ninth Planet By Swati Srivastava

“There was a NINTH planet after all.
Mercury, Venus, Prudukshin, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The sister planet to Earth, Prudukshin is only 3 million miles away at its closest point. A planet that could be seen through naked eyes all the way until the era of modern physics on Earth began, when it traveled to the other side of the sun, and stayed hidden behind it for the next 400 years. Now, it is emerging from behind the sun and we will be able to see it shortly. That maybe good news to us on Earth, but very bad news for Pruduskhin….”

–Excerpt from my recently published book “The Ninth Planet”; a sci-fi short story set on the planet we never knew existed. Read it at Amazon and review it!

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