The Story of Shambhu

“Mere desh ki dharti sona ugle, ugle hire moti, mere desh ki dharti” (“The soil of my country produces gold, produces diamonds and pearls, this soil of my land”)[1]” I remember watching the song from the film “Upkaar” by Manoj Kumar on TV when I was a child, growing up in India in the 80s.  The hard-working farmer-hero […]

There is no disparity..!

“[Other countries] had referred to India’s phenomenal growth but rightly raised questions about whether this was an all inclusive growth and if the gulf between the rich and poor is not growing. This is one of the greatest concerns of India and every effort is made to ensure there is no disparity between the rich […]

This is THE END

It’s been almost 50 years since Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri gave India the slogan “Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan” (Hail to the Solider, Hail to the Farmer). The father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi famously said that “the soul of India lives in its villages”. Yet, today, every 30 minutes a farmer commits suicide. It […]

अति या इति ?

“मेरे देश की धरती सोना उगले, उगले हीरे मोती, मेरे देश की धरती”. जब भी भारतीय किसान के बारे में बात छिड़ती हैं, तो मन में यही चित्र उभरता है: एक आदर्ष किसान, एक परिवार- पत्नी, माँ, बाप, एक लड़का, एक लड़की, कम से कम एक जोड़ा बैल जिसे प्यार से किसान बुलाता है – […]

We The Voice

WE are “We The People”, “We The Voice”. We can reclaim our democracies, stand up for our rights, fight against the wrongs. It is true that too many of US are too weak, too oppressed, too young, too old, too tired, too busy. Yet, every time one small voice says, “I shall not be silenced”, […]